Deftones - Deftones + Korn = Family Values!

Deftones + Korn = Family Values!


Nun ist es offiziell, KORN werden gemeinsam mit den DEFTONES die diesjährige Family Values Tour als Headliner bestreiten. Mit an Board sind dazu noch STONE SOUR und DIR EN GRAY. In einem Artikel kommentieren Korn-Sänger Jonathan Davis und Deftones-Frontmann Chino Moreno die gemeinsame Tour wie folgt:


"We haven't toured with [the Deftones] since '97 or '96, and we're really excited," Davis said. "We love those guys. We started out together. Literally it was us and them, and back in the day we used to drive to Sacramento [California] and play at their home clubs. And they would drive to Huntington Beach and play the clubs we'd play, so we've been friends for a long, long time, and it's cool to be back together again and sharing the same stage."


"We've had a crazy relationship because we've always distanced ourselves from Korn so we could be our own band," Moreno said. "Their first record came out before ours, so it was always like we were following in their footsteps. And I think we had to do that, and now it's time to just have fun. We don't care so much about that stuff anymore. We just want to play with friends."

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Bogatzke 20.04.2006


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