Comeback Kid - Sänger steigt aus!

Comeback Kid

Scott Wade ist ab sofort nur noch der ehemalige Sänger der Hardcore Band COMEBACK KID. In einem MySpace-Rundschreiben erklärt er seinen Ausstieg wie folgt:

"Life is full of hard decisions, but only a few of them are as big as this and absolutely life changing. I was faced with one of these decisions. The kind of decision that keeps you up nights, tossing and turning, leaving your stomach in knots. I have decided to leave Comeback Kid. This band has been my life for the past 4 years, and I was a roadie for another band prior to that. I really don't know, or have anything else in my life. Saying I'm not "scared" about my future would be a complete lie. I just got to a point where being on the road for 10 months had become hard, and pushing to be home more became a conflicting agenda. Some would like to see this band go as far as it possibly can, and I was an anchor holding this back. I just wanted to play something honest, make some friends and see the world and I got to do that, and I am forever grateful for my experiences."

Informationen dazu, ob und wie der Rest der Band weitermachen wird, gibt es derzeit noch nicht.

Bogatzke 12.03.2006


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