My Ruin fleißig im Studio

My Ruin

My Ruin aus Los Angeles haben sich wieder ins Tonstudio nach Knoxville zurückgezogen, um ihr nunmehr 8. Album aufzunehmen. Insgesamt 10 neue Songs soll der Silberling beinhalten, dessen Titel ebenso wie der Erscheinungstermin derzeit noch nicht bekannt ist. Dazu aber das Statement von Frontfrau und Sängerin Tairrie B Murphy: "Mick and I wrote the new album at home in LA over the last couple of months. We write very quickly and easily together which comes from our being in a relationship for so long. Although Mick has recorded the guitar, bass and drums on our last two albums, we have asked longtime friend and bassist Luciano Ferrea to handle the low end duties so he is joining us in Tennessee. This was the first time in many years that I recorded demo vocals and we did such heavy pre production on our songs. I usually prefer tracking vocals for the first time in the moment during our actual album sessions and I tend to write many lyrics last minute but I'm glad to have stepped out of my box because it's allowed all of us to really get to know the songs inside and out and really connect with them beforehand. We're not ready to reveal the title as of yet, although I will say that the new album is made up of nine strong doom-laden tracks that incorporate our unique blend of screaming and spoken word. It also features a cover of a 1958 blues song originally recorded by the king of rock & roll, Elvis Presley which we've had a lot of fun putting our special red lipsticked evil twist on. Unlike 'A Southern Revelation' which was and angry and confrontational album, this new one is more introspective and there is an otherworldly ethereal feeling to it. I would describe it as a very sleep-deprived esoteric record. I suffer heavily from insomnia and the new album definitely reflects this mood. Knoxville is Mick's hometown. We recorded our last album at Soundtrack Black during the dead of winter with the studio buried under a thick layer of snow and cold temperatures. This time we're experiencing the studio in the summer with the heat of the Southern sun and lush green surroundings which has made for a nice warm change of atmosphere and inspiration."

Kitty N.16.08.2012


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