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sleep in silence, willschrey

sleep in silence, willschrey


Freitag 22. April 2005
Höxxxter, Ballhaus Felsenkeller
SLEEP IN SILENCE - Emocore aus Münster
WILLSCHREY - Metalcore aus Münster
Einlass: 21.00 Uhr
5 Euro

MySpace Beschreibung SLEEP IN SILENCE:

"after playing in several bands before, five guys with open hearts and open minds met in early 2003 to combine heavy mosh-parts, sweet emotional melodies and a good dose of raw punk rock. all mixed up with lyrics about personal thoughts and everyday experiences. no scene-boundaries, but a deep love for rock music and all it`s different aspects. compassion makes the difference - sleepinsilence`05"

MySpace Beschreibung WILLSCHREY:

"Born out of a crazy idea by Timo (drums) and Thomas (bass + clean vocals), Willschrey officially started in October 2003, when they found Christoph (guitars) through an add on a musicians internet board. They immediately started song writing and finally in the beginning of the year 2004, after trying out several other candidates, found the perfect voice for their music in Hilmar (vocals). During May 2004 they recorded their first 5-track demo in Thomas' home-studio. Then, in July 2004, they found Elle to take the position of the bass player, Thomas switched back to guitar and they're finally ready to hit the road!"

Bogatzke 17.04.2005

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