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Grimlord (Band From Poland)

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Grimlord - the gloomy mister about the stone, the ash of the frosted face, in the graphite suit with the gold knuckle-duster in the handful.

They music is the large dose of energy, emotional content
and melody. Leaning on the sound of electric guitar and excellent rhythmical section. Grimlord is characterizes dynamic compositions
from catchy power-riffs, interesting lyrics and solos.

Hell & Roll !!!

Arose on debris of black metal band "Vallachia" in 1999.
"Barth la Picard" is the founder of the group. Rhythmical and solo's guitarist, vocalist, also giving on keyboards, the creator of the band, he survived as the only member in the group from the original line-up, the main composer and the author of lyrics, the creator of the majority of the covers of, graphic arts, deputy webmaster's, he is the manager Grimlord since first days of his birth. Bass player "Orson" and drummer "Lucasss" access is decisive moment in the history of the group. They together record their first album under the name "Blood runneth over". grimlord is very active admirably . In December 2008 Orson has left from band and Adams takes over bass player part. In 2009 Trident Harmony Promotion & Design they'll be publisher of second album Dolce Vita Sath an-as.

New song "Dolce Vita Sath An-As" now Available on

Nocna Wizyta /cd-single/ - 2003
Zacmienie /cd-single/ - 2005
Blood Runneth Over /studio album/ - 2007
Dolce Vita Sath an as /studio album/ - 2009

Barth La Picard [Guitars & Vocals]
Adams [Bass]
Lukasss [Drums]


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Aw: Grimlord (Band From Poland)

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Hello Headbangers!!! Grimlord trailer for upcoming new album is available now!
only on our website


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