Maximo Park - Albumtitel veröffentlicht

Maximo Park

den Titel ihres dritten Albums veröffentlicht. Das neue Werk wird "Quicken The Heart"
heißen und wird bei uns Anfang Mai erscheinen.

Hier die englische Presseerklärung dazu:

MAXIMO PARK have announced the title of their new album, "Quicken the Heart", set to
be released in May. Following their Mercury Music Prize nominated debut, "A Certain
Trigger", and the top 2 charting follow up "Our Earthly Pleasures", "Quicken the Heart"
will precede their first, white hot UK tour of 2009, a tour which saw venues such as
Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Brixton Academies selling out in record time.

It contains 12 brand new tracks from the band, recorded in LA with famed producer Nick
Launay, who has also worked with the likes of Talking Heads and Nick Cave in the past, as
well as recording the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. For more information keep your eyes
peeled on the official website.

Ines Dörrenhaus03.03.2009


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