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Mad Caddies - Interview

Natürlich haben wir auch auf der Deconstruction Tour mit Bands gesprochen. Hier ein Interview mit den Mad Caddies, den Skalegenden aus Kalifornien.

Melanie Helmstetter, Tobias Eichorn, Folke Klewitz, Sven Kräuter interviewen Chuck Horovitz

FOLKE: First the names: this is Melanie.
MEL: Hi.
FOLKE: This is Tobias.
SVEN: (Nickt)
FOLKE: And I am Folke.
CHUCK: Cool. I’m Chuck.
FOLKE: Hi Chuck.
MEL: Hey Chuck (grinst)!
(T. spielt am Rekorder rum, drückt den Klebestreifen wieder fest, der die Batterien vom rausfallen abhält)
FOLKE: We just have to prepare our recorder.
CHUCK: That’s like what I use. I use my clock-radio to record songs at home. It’s like 20 years old but it sounds pretty good.
Alle: (lachen)
MEL: It’s cheap, but as long as it works...
TOBIAS: O.K. (hat den Rekorder fertig)

SVEN: How did you like Germany this far, if you saw any of it?
CHUCK.: Hm... Germany? I love Germany, I’ve been here for... it’s probably our sixth time here maybe... fifth? Fifth or sixth time. But it’s nice, it reminds me of some place in America, like the trees are very nice and there’s a lot of forest. That’s good. Nuclear power is not so good, but... yeah, it’s cool. People are friendly, too. People seems very well educated in Germany, too.
MEL: Nah, eheh. That depends. (lachen)

MEL: So, what part from the States do you come from?
CHUCK: I’m from California.
MEL: Everybody’s from California!
CHUCK: On this tour, it’s actually us and Lagwagon that are from California, everyone else is from the Eastcoast. Boston, New York...
SVEN: Ya, we just interviewed Joe
CHUCK: Yeah. We live in the same town, called Gorleta.

FOLKE: So you’re from the same town as Joe. Do you have a close relationship to him and Lagwagon?
CHUCK: Yes! Yeah, we’ve got... I mean that’s like our best friends on this tour. Like their band and our band know each other for a long time. We see each other sometimes, drinking downtown at the bars, you know. At (this ?) festival, we stick together, but... It’s not like we call us and hang every night, though.

MEL: Then, where did you play? Did you play in... like everywhere on the Deconstruction Tour this year.
CHUCK: Hmm. Yeah, yeah we played every show so far. And five more I guess? It’s gone by really fast.

SVEN: How do you like being on tour here?
CHUCK: I love it. Yeah, it’s nice. I mean, you’re pretty bored at home just sitting there, you know. And if we’re not playing music, we are like (deutet zusammensacken an). It’s nice to travel... I like travelling. Go out and check out some cities.
Mel.: Do you do a lot of sight-seeing when you’re on tour?
CHUCK: Yeah, yeah... But it depends on how much you you’ve been drinking. If you drink too much, you can’t get up the next day to go look at shit, man! (Grosses Gelächter) But it’s nice to wake up and check out the city you’re in....

MEL: So, are there couple of fans that come and really...
SVEN: ...recognize...
MEL: ...recognize you, yes! (grinsen)
CHUCK: No, not really. Not really.
MEL: Not really like... ya...
CHUCK: Like rockstars-people, like “OH MY GOD”? (Lachen).
MEL: Ya...
CHUCK.: grinst: No way...

SVEN: How do you like the German audience?
CHUCK: It’s good. I think pretty much most of Europe is good, for the main reason that you can drink beer when you’re sixteen. (LACHEN) It’s like... it just makes rock n’ roll concerts way more fun.
SVEN: You can’t drive a car, but you get beer....
CHUCK: That’s good, I think that’s how it should be in the States, you know?
MEL: Nah, eh eh...
CHUCK: Because kids can drive, but then they don’t know how to handle their alcohol.
SVEN: We got trained early...
CHUCK: Yeah.... (Lachen)
CHUCK: So... yeah, you know all the car crashes with sixteen year olds drunk.

MEL: How is it like compared to American audience? Is it very different?
CHUCK: Hmm... it’s like different, but the same. If that makes any sense.
MEL: (lacht) Yeah, Joe said something like that.
CHUCK: Yeah, he figured it out.... (draussen balanciert jemand auf einer riesigen Kabeltrommel) Check it out, log-rolling.
MEL: (lacht) kewl...
SVEN: That’s one of the guys that doesn’t do any sightseeing I guess? (lachen)
MEL: That looks funny.
SVEN: That looks like a lumberjack.
CHUCK: Yeah, totally... (kommt auf die Frage zurück:) Some places in the States are like in Germany sometimes, others are violent... where the crowds are always violent. That depends.

----- ab hier gekürzt, davor 1:1 abgetippt ------------

SVEN: One thing I realize very often at concerts is the fact that there are some people that go pogo and behave very aggressive, even if you’re playing a mellow slow song. What do you think about that?
CHUCK: Yeah, we noticed that. Like sometimes, we’re playing our slowest reggae song like “Preppie” and people do crowdsurfing and pushing and stuff. That’s weird man.
SVEN: I can’t really explain why they’re doing this.
CHUCK. Yeah, it’ definitely strange. But in the Netherlands, people are fucking standing still. So if you got the crowd going in the Netherlands, it’s good. But they enjoy it, because like after every song it’s like clapping. I think they’re all too stoned really. (lachen)

MEL: Isn’t it scary to play in front of so many people? Like at the Bizarre Festival?
CHUCK: It was insane, I mean even on the punk rock stage there was like 10.000 people watching. In front of the big stage perhaps 50.000 or something.

SVEN: Isn’t there like a stop from the Deconstruction tour at the Bizarre festival?
CHUCK: It’s kind of funny, it’s called the “Fat stage” because Dave like started, but it’s not even Fat Wreckords.

FOLKE: Do you listen to Punk Rock in privacy?
CHUCK: No, I just like all different kinds of music. Depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m gonna clean up the house, I’m not gonna hear fast music. When I’m sitting in the backyard, I’m listening to some reggae or country... latin, jazz and everything.
SVEN: You can actually hear it in your songs that you’re very open to all kinds of music.
CHUCK: Yeah, definitely. We’re always looking for new styles... we now got that Russian balalaika-CD that is pretty cool. (lachen). Like triangle guitars and an accordion.
SVEN: That’s what you can experience in German outdoor shopping malls...
CHUCK: Right, that’s what we had... we saw them playing in Austria on the street, we bought the CD and it’s really good man. I’m trying to always look for new bands and music.

MEL: Can you listen to your own music in privacy?
CHUCK: No... I mean, after we recorded a CD, we listen to it to see how it sounds like... But it’s very strange.

FOLKE: Right now there’s the soccer world cup in Japan. Are you interested in Soccer?
CHUCK: It’s like we all played it as kids, but they don’t really show it on TV...
SVEN: Is it like... it’s cool when you’re kids, but as soon as you grow up you can’t play anymore cause there’s no real support for soccer?
CHUCK: No there’s not... it’s all football and basketball. And plus the macho-thing: it’s cool to play as a kid, but as soon as you’re in high school, it’s like “All soccer palyers are fagets” and stuff... And I was on the waterball-team. They went like “Oh, water-weenies” and stuff. Even if it’s a very hard sport, we had to train in the mornings before school and after school.
SVEN: You know handvball? It’s like waterball on the soil (lachen), where you just jump in there and smash everybody down, like he (deutet auf Folke) does (Lachen).
FOLKE: You look like a good handball player.
CHUCK: But as you can see, it’s been a few years since I’ve been in shape (Klatscht sich auf den Bauch)(Lachen). The only thing I do at home is surf, but the wave’s in Santa Barbara suck.

MEL: What do you think sbout touring? Do you like it or would you rather stay at home?
CHUCK: Oh no, I love touring. It’s just fun. It’s like... being pirates. You’re on this ship (deutet im Tourbus herum), with this little filthy bunks, and you’re just like drinking every day and going to new towns, and Meeting people and hanging out. That’s where we got the idea for our last record from, this pirate theme. It’s like modern day pirates, I mean besides all the raping and stealing (Lachen).

SVEN: I guess that’s it...
TOBIAS: No. (LACHEN) Let’s talk about the band history. How did you met?
CHUCK: Sasch an I met in High School. We both had our first Bands. I was in a grunge-type band, and he was in like the same thing, like glam-grunge or something. Be both didn’t like our bands but shared the interest in Mighty Mighty Bosstones, NoFX and Sublime and Reggae and everything. We just thought it would be cool to start our own band. Then we met the horn players at college. I asked them like “Hey men, do you wanna play in our band?” “What? What kind of music??? Ok, sure...” (lachen). And our drummer now used to be our roadie for about three years. Our other drummer quit. We had a bad history of drummers, they all were very lazy, they didn’t really loved the music. But he is very cool and tries harder than everybody else.

SVEN: Are you gonna see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones tonight in the crowd or backstage?
CHUCK: I don’t know, this place really sounds like shit. It sounds really bad. I don’t know why they didn’t make it outside...

FOLKE: How about the songwriting? Is there a main Songwriter in the band?
CHUCK: It’s like Sach an I pretty much write all the songs. Like the bass, guitars and melodies. Keith, our drummer, he comes up with some of the horn stuff. We tell them: “How about this melodie?” and they change it a little bit and make it more complex and say “How about THIS melodie?” (lachen). And I do some, probaply half of the guitar chords. It’s like I write them simple, I just do the basic chords, and the rythm, and Sasch will make it more complicated.

SVEN: O.K., we stop bugging you now. Perhaps we’ll see in the crowd at the end of the show.
CHUCK: Right on!


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